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    Host Switch: Please Read, this is IMPORTANT


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    Host Switch: Please Read, this is IMPORTANT Empty Host Switch: Please Read, this is IMPORTANT

    Post by Hyde on Thu Jun 07, 2012 4:18 am

    Hello everyone. I dont think I can start this off with good news this time, but I promise it will get better.

    Today, we have run into some site-wide bugs that have made us really think. These bugs have tricked us time and time again while trying to figure out where the problem is, but everytime we fix them, they come right back. This is not 100% our fault though.

    Forumotion over the years has been known as a very powerful forum host. It allows free forums to be made with ease, but customizing said forums is not one of Forumotion's strong points. That said, forumotion also tend to make it rather difficult for programmers to work as we do not get full reign over all the code that makes the site work. This issue is the root of our problem and is why we can not get rid of the bugs that have taken control of our website.

    After some discussion, it has recently been decided that before we go live, it is in our best interest to change hosts so that we do not run into this problem again when we are out of BETA. Net and I have recently opened RMP on Zetaboards. We would like to start migrating RMP from here to the new site immediately. Lets go through a few things though before we do.

    The new site is not as polished as this one yet as it is only a few hours old. On top of that, Migrating will require each member to start anew with their threads. This is ok though as transferring a thread is as easy as just copying and pasting the old thread into it's new location. You can do that by going to your thread, clicking edit, highlighting all of the text you want to transfer, press CTRL+C, and then just paste it into a new topic on the new site.

    Lets see the pros and cons of us changing sites:

    Cons -
    Each member will have to start over with threads and posts
    Threads will have to be transferred
    The new site will not look as polished at first

    Pros -
    The new site has been built much more stable and less buggy
    Zetaboards opens up TONS of new feature possibilities (Including a few that were turned down due to Forumotion)
    New site has the chance to look much better and feel more fluid than this one ever could

    Anyways, I would like to apologize to everyone for the confusion and hassle. We really didnt want to have to do this, but I believe that this will pay off in the end for us as a community. And, making the migration now will be much easier than after we go live. And do not worry, no forum events have been canceled due to this migration. The RMP Beta contest is still underway and is even marked on the calendar on the new site.

    Anyways, thank you everyone for being patient through all of this. I realize that some of you may not make this migration with us, but i truly hope that you all will. I am so glad that we have all gathered together here, but now it is time for us to make a move.

    I will see you all over at the new site. Bring your stuff with you!

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