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    RMP Features Empty RMP Features

    Post by Hyde on Mon May 28, 2012 3:54 am

    Hello everyone. Hyde here with a thread that will be all about the many features of our site. SO, without further ado, lets get down to business

    Already Integrated

    Experience and Reputation

    If you look under your name and avatar when you post, you will notice that there are two features there; one saying Exp. Points, the other saying Rep. Points.

    Exp. Points: Experience Points (A common RPG feature that tracks a characters progress.)
    Rep. Points: Reputation Points (How high your standing is within the community)

    Exp. Points are gained through posting in various forums as well as just being a member. Every day that you are a member of RMP, you gain 1 Exp. Point. On top of that, you also gain points for starting and posting in threads (starting a thread gives a greater amount of Exp. Points that just simply posting). Also, the amount of Exp. Points gained depends on the forum you are posting in as well. For example, you will gain significantly less Exp. from posting in a General Discussion forum, but will gain high experience for posting in support forums. For now, Exp. Points don't really do much more than give you another way to brag to your friends, but who knows what the future holds for this feature.

    Rep. Points are gained quite differently than Exp. Points. Reputation is gained by getting votes on your posts. If you look to the upper right hand corner of any post, you will see a "+" and a "-" icon floating around. By clicking the "+" icon, you will give that post a positive rating which will in turn give Rep. Points to the person who posted it. On the opposite, if you click the "-" icon, you will give a negative rating to the post which will in turn remove Rep. Points from that person. If you find that a certain post is really helpful and that it deserves praise, go ahead and give that person Reputation. If you find that a post is a "bad" post (I.E. flaming, excessive foul language, trolling, etc.), make sure that post gets the negative credit it deserves. Remember, this is a much better way to retaliate to a bad post than retaliating verbally and getting yourself in trouble.

    Both of these features can be very fun when used properly, but they are also easy to manipulate and abuse when you put your mind to it. Please do not abuse these features so that everybody can have fun on our site. Abusing either of these features for your own gain will result in an automatic warn.

    Announcement Bar

    If you scroll up to the top of the site, you may see a bar that contains a variety of scrolling messages. This bar is the Announcement Bar. This bar will contain important news, new announcements, and even a few surprises from time to time. Make sure you check it out when you visit our site so that you are on top of what is going on in the community.

    Chat Box

    If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you will notice a rather large window that says "Chat Box". Take a guess at what that can do... Go on... Guess. You're right, it is RMP's own instant messenger. No matter what you want to talk about, the box is there for your own amusement. However, do not go overboard because the Chat Box is still moderated by both the Moderators and Admins. So, next time you have a bit of time to spare, hop on over to the Chat Box and talk to your friends!

    Planned Features

    Customized Smilies/Emoticons

    For those of you who were around back in the old days of the original Olympian Forums, you will know of the Smiley Program. Well, the Smiley Program will soon be coming back full time within RMP.

    The Smiley Program was a five part release of new Emoticons that became available to the community. Each release was themed and contained 10-20 new Emoticons each. Themes ranged from a funny theme to a moderation theme, to even a movies and music theme. However, with RMP, we will be doing things a little bit differently. We will have smaller releases, but more of them. Also, our themes will be voted on by the community so that they can get what they want... when they want it.

    ReStaff Releases

    A big feature of certain RPG Maker websites/forums are the ReStaff Releases. Our community can look forward to having their own very soon. Hiring will also begin very soon for our ReStaff. If you would like to sign up, please send me a PM ASAP.

    Possible Features

    Role Playing Forums

    A possible feature that has been (and is being) looked at is tje possible addition of Role Playing Forums. This would be a certain number of forums that would be created to allow members to Role Play and carry on their own Forum Role Playing Games. This feature would also allow character sheets to be created and shown within your member profiles and allow virtual dice to be rolled within a post so that RP battles and dice checks can take place.

    The way this would work is simple. When a person starts their own thread/game, they are automatically considered the game master in their own world. They then must set up all the rules and gameplay so that the other members know how to set up their character sheets upon joining a game. From there, they can then begin their role playing however they want.

    If you are just a player and not the game master, you must follow any rules set up by the game master. Any problems with either another player or an action done by another player must be taken up with the game master. If the game master is the person that is breaking rules, you can then contact an admin or moderator.

    Forum Contests/Awards

    One thing that seems to be common with RPG Maker forums is the presence of contests. Contests can range from GFX making to Game making. It is being contemplated on if and how we should do contests here.

    However, if we do have contests, We will also be presenting the addition of Awards. Awards, when earned, will show up on your profile page for everyone to see. They will be there to show off all of your hard work while you were here. No great deed shall go un-awarded.

    Final Notes

    Well, there is a short list of what is going on behind the scenes. This should be updated as new things come in and things are changed. I will try to keep everyone in the loop.

    Until next time, everyone have an awesome day!
    I'm a new member :)
    I'm a new member :)

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    RMP Features Empty Re: RMP Features

    Post by Omegas7 on Tue May 29, 2012 3:35 am

    It is unfortunate that the site's name emphasizes RPGMaker, but I'd like to see a Non-RM Game Project development & showcase forums. I say that because, yeah, I'm not so much into RM these days, but still developing games with other methods.

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    RMP Features Empty Re: RMP Features

    Post by Hyde on Tue May 29, 2012 2:32 pm

    A non-RPGMaker forum? Alright, say I added a category just for you Omegas. What all would you like in your non-RMing category?

    And this isnt me being a smart-ass, I am actually going to set up a whole section for you and any non-RMers so that you guys can use this too.

    Next time to get on, look through the directory for it.

    RMP Features Ltkby

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    RMP Features Empty Re: RMP Features

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