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    Critical Flash + SE

    I'm a new member :)
    I'm a new member :)

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    Critical Flash + SE Empty Critical Flash + SE

    Post by Vlue on Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:51 pm

    Critical Flash + SE V1.1
    By V.M.

    Small script to add a flash effect and/or play a se whenever a critical occurs. How fancy!

    How to Use
    Install, customize if necessary, use.

    #Critical Flash + Sound Effect
    #Features: Provides the ability to have the screen flash and a se to play
    #          upon any critical strike
    #Usage:    None! Plug and play.
    #Customization follows in the script, can edit filename, volume and pitch of se
    #  and color and duration of flash
    #-- Script by: V.M of D.T
    #--- Free to use in any project with credit given

    #class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base
    class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase
      #PLAYSE to true to play SE. Filename (in quotes), Volume (0-100), Pitch, (0-150)
      PLAYSE      = true
      CSE_FILENAME = "Skill3"
      CSE_VOLUME  = 100
      CSE_PITCH    = 100
      #FLASH to true to execute flash
      #Color in (Red,Green,Blue,Alpha) format (0-255), Duration in frames
      FLASH        = true
      FLASHCOLOR  = Color.new(255,255,255,255)
      FLASHDURAT  = 30
      alias crit_item_apply item_apply
      def item_apply(user, item)
        crit_item_apply(user, item)
        if @result.critical then
          if FLASH then $game_troop.screen.start_flash(FLASHCOLOR, FLASHDURAT) end
          if PLAYSE then Audio.se_play('Audio/SE/' + CSE_FILENAME,CSE_VOLUME,CSE_PITCH) end

    Nadda, atm.

    Credit and Thanks
    - By V.M. of D.T.
    - Free to use in any project with credit given
    I'm a new member :)
    I'm a new member :)

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    Critical Flash + SE Empty Re: Critical Flash + SE

    Post by DawningStar on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:21 pm

    Very nice! I love cool little scripts like these, even though they don't seem big they always seem to add much more character to a game! Thanks again!

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    Critical Flash + SE Empty Re: Critical Flash + SE

    Post by Hyde on Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:25 pm

    I agree. This does add alot more to a game than some people may think. But, I have always been a huge supporter of little scripts. They allow people to customize their games more than very large systems do.

    Critical Flash + SE Ltkby

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    Critical Flash + SE Empty Re: Critical Flash + SE

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