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    Forum Contests


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    Forum Contests Empty Forum Contests

    Post by Hyde on Thu May 31, 2012 7:28 pm

    I have debated a few possible new features recently, but one has stuck out to me. Forum Contests.

    A Forum Contest is where everyone gets together to compete for an award by doing a task set by the contest creator.

    Out of all of the possible features, I think this one will bring us the most fun and will also allow us to get up and moving in the direction we want our community to go. I will be opening a special forum(s) for the contests to be located and will even open a special sub-forum for user-created contests to take place (as long as they can stay under control).

    For official RMP contests, different awards will be given depending on the contest and its rules. The most common type of award though will be a special trophy that will appear on your member profile. Then, every time someone visits your profile, that trophy will remind them of your past deeds.

    Anyways, to start everything off and to celebrate I will soon be posting our very first RMP Official Contest. I will give you all a hint... It will have to deal with alot of different kinds of content and will give away multiple awards.

    I hope you all enjoy this new feature when it is ready and I hope to see you all at our first community contest!

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